Guides the ‘Lonely Path of the Sensitive’. Helps when everything is against you, when no matter what you do, it won’t be seen to be right in the eyes of the world. She Guards the lonely stretches of the night. Helps to deal with the damage caused when one needs to go against their own ‘truth’ so someone or something they care about can move on; For those who stand alone in the world; Get emotional too easily; Lonely even when surrounded by people; When the ‘Feeling centre***’ needs protection from the authoritarian thoughts of others. Use for illnesses caused from damp conditions and for any dis-at-easements from separation and loneliness. On the deeper levels helps – to gain greater understanding of your feelings; when everyone around you is out of ‘synch’ and you don’t know what you need to do, Willow helps to draw from that Feeling and guide you to action instinctively; gives strength to do what your Feeling says, even though it is against the head and heart; teaches us how to follow that true inner feeling and how to act by it; it is the comforter when you have to leave something behind for the good of all; when used on your palms helps you to reach out with your loving energy to someone who is in trouble.

“Willow guides the lonely path of the Sensitives.”