Jan's point of view

It has been my great honour to have been the Channel for the Master known as Chiron, and the channel for the whole ancient way of healing known as ‘Chiron Healing®’, and also the channel for the knowledge and Essences brought through by the ancient Crone - Willow.

The world of the ancients is a time and place far removed from where we live and learn now in our 21st century, but now, more than ever, if we can only learn of the things that our ancient forebears knew, the things of Forest, Philosophies and Well being, then we too can align once more with Gaia and her energies, and live - ‘In the way of the ancients’ - in the modern world.

Although Chiron was a great teacher of many of the ‘Arts of Life’ that we know of, eg Music, Literature, War etc, it is from his knowledge of the subtle hurts that can deeply wound a person, wounds that a person may not even realise are there, so it is from his knowledge of the ‘Art of Healing’ that we draw through the philosophies and techniques known as ‘Chiron Healing® .’

Chiron knew that it was not simply the thrust of the spear, or the cut of the sword that damaged a person, but the words, thoughts and deeds that people direct at each other - especially those close to them. While he taught how to staunch the flowing of let blood, he also taught how to go within, deep within the ‘Feeling Centre’ that is the intuitive centre within us all, and to show people how to access that deep level of hurt, and to free them up from that ‘dis-at-easement’ that slowly but surely causes people to lapse into disease and ill health.

The greatest wounds can come from words that are gently said, but which leave a great ‘hole’ in the Pattern of the person, and Chiron Healing® is the way that Chiron taught how to remove the ‘sting’, repair the ‘cut’, and fill the person with the knowing energy of Positivity so that they can move on in their lives, leave that dis at easement behind and BE.

The greatest damage to the Pattern is done by energy, the energy of words, the energy of hate, the energy of anger etc, therefore it makes sense that the repair of that damage is also done by ‘energy’ - the subtle energy of the ‘Chiron Healing ® Techniques’. The techniques of Chiron Healing® will show you how to remove the ‘Negatives’ that are blocking the flow of your Pattern, and allow the ‘flow’ of your own energy to Heal your Pattern once more.