Alexis Creed-Sycopoulis writes......

I remember the day clearly when Jan asked me if I would carry on the work of Cheironia when she wasn't able to, for whatever reason.  Jan was down in Warrnambool staying with Mum (Nita Creed) and Dad (Trevor Creed) and she asked me to come around one night because she wanted to ask me something.  I was sitting at the kitchen table (which is where Mum and Jan always sat) and Jan proceeded to tell me how she was planning to update her will and had been thinking for quite a while about who could take over Cheironia. She had been running a few names through her head but wasn't "getting anything" - then one day she thought of me and she said she heard the Master say "yes, finally!"  I still remember the look on Mum's face as Jan was telling me this (Jan had obviously worded Mum and Dad up beforehand as Mum couldn't hide her excited expression!). What an honour it was to have been asked to take on Jan's mantle.  I just didn't expect I would inherit Cheironia quite so soon.

I was 13 when Jan came into our lives and Chiron Healing was introduced around our kitchen table in Banyan St., Warrnambool. For years and years we had "group" nights where a group of us would get together and practice our healing, but the rest of the time Jan was usually at our house sitting around the kitchen table with mum - these are my fondest memories - the smell of coffee and the sound of Mum's and Jan's voices chatting together.  Jan was like a second mum.

Jan passed away in 2011 and Mum passed away in 2013.  I sit in Cheironia's office which was previously Mum's bedroom, with a picture of Jan looking directly at me.  Sometimes it's all still overwhelming but most of the time I know they are both with me.

Jan and Chiron Healing have been, and still continue to be, a huge part of my life. 

A little more..........

I'm now 43 and have been married to Peter Sycopoulis for 20 years.  We have 2 boys - Dominic is 15 and Joseph is 13.    I currently work a few shifts at Curves (women's gym) when I'm not running around after my boys and driving them to their various activities!  I like to play golf and I love animals - our yard is full of rescued cats, rabbits and chickens!